Our Topotheque and Research

Kinloch Castle has a rich and varied history which we are very passionate about. Click below or use the drop-down menu to explore our fantastic Topotheque, our Printed Works, and our Library Recommendations.

The Kinloch Castle Topotheque

See Kinloch Castle with your own eyes – The Kinloch Castle Topotheque

A Topotheque is an online archive, operated in local entities. It is an regional historical source of reference, focusing on not only preserving historical material kept in private hands but making it visible to the public. The KCFA have been collecting and investing in capturing images of the castle and the Isle of Rum to explore the fascinating and extraordinary history of the island and buildings.

Please take the time to view our ever growing collection, and even get in touch to share your own images and memories.

Read All About it: in our texts for sale.

KCFA boasts membership of many passionate individuals including historians, archivists, and specialists on the island, the castle, and Scottish History. As part of our mission to introduce more supporters to the castle and the KCFA we are in the process of releasing publications and texts focused on the island. Keep checking this page regularly to find out more fascinating facts and secrets.

Our Library

Of course, there is not just our resources to enjoy but a library of specialist books focused on the Island, The Castle, The Bullough Family, and Wider Scottish and Imperial History to engage with. Similar to the historic library within the castle walls, our digital library is designed to signpost you to your next fascinating read! If there are any texts that you would recommend, please get in touch.