Work Parties

Meal in Castle dining room: a past privilege
Ewan Macdonald and Alastair Scott hard at work helping clear overgrown greenery from behind the castle March 2009

Official Work Parties have regularly visited the island twice a year to further the practical work of the Kinloch Castle Friends  Association. The dates of work parties are given in Newsletters and on the website. eNewsletters are produced at least twice a year and more if necessary. Copies of these may also be viewed through the website.

Covid restrictions: NB It has been very difficult to organise accommodation on Rum in 2021 for any visitors. Ferry passenger numbers have been seriously curtailed. We visited in October 2021 but were unable to enter the castle itself and our gardening tools were not accessible. We are hoping to visit in March but the lack of accommodation and refusal by NatureScot to allow access to the castle is seriously affecting our ability to visit.  Please contact Catherine Duckworth to enquire about all work parties/visits. 

While we have hoped to fit in more work parties, the reality is that the shortage of accommodation on Rum has meant we have found this difficult to plan. But of course, it all goes to show that more accommodation is needed on Rum! The work we have usually done is directed by the staff and has been optional during the weekend. It has varied from gardening and outdoor work to dusting and vacuuming inside – a task we have usually done in March ready for the influx of summer visitors. There is, however, doubt as to whether or not the castle will reopen for visitors in 2022.

Accommodation is in the Rum Community bunkhouse, which normally (pre Covid) sleeps 20.  Note too that in the bunkhouse there is one twin bedded room, the others being bunks, the top bunks being quite high. It is important that you book early to avoid disappointment.  We each make our own breakfasts and lunches, we share the cooking for the evening meals and therefore eat together. Some may prefer to stay at the B&B at Ivy Cottage with Fliss Fraser. See for full information.  Some catering is provided in the Community Hall. The Rum shop is also extremely well stocked now. 

We were privileged to be able to have a meal in the Castle dining room once every work party, until the castle closed to overnight visitors in March 2013. It was always a much appreciated occasion. Work parties have had many positive aspects: it has shown NatureScot and the Rum Community that KCFA are interested; it has enabled our members to get to know the castle in depth and it has also enabled the Friends to gain real and close friendships as we have worked together. This has been invaluable as our team now works well together despite our geographical distance. 

Many members have stayed at the Castle at other times than with work parties. Memorable Trips to Rum and the Castle will build up a picture of the castle at different times. I’d be delighted to add your voice.  

Alexander Gordon Wood playing the Steinway grand piano before our meal in the dining room March 2009
KCFA work party, March 2016, in the bunkhouse sharing our evening meal.