Memorable trips to Rum and the Castle

Members experiences

KCFA Members have had very varied experiences over the years of visiting Kinloch Castle. Several have been shared through the newsletter and are given here with their permission. Follow the links to read in more detail.

In 1970 John Goss had a very special trip on board the TSS King George V as part of European Conservation Year.

In 1987 Gerhard Weidmann paid a fleeting visit and in the following years,  he enjoyed the hospitality of the MacArthurs who ran the Castle as a very comfortable hotel.

In 2004 John Goss had a completely different experience when he and May celebrated their wedding in Kinloch Castle! And a different slant of the same event as well as more detail of the work party of March 2004 is given by Douglas King.

John and May, the newly-weds

In March 2007 Alan Bowles enjoyed his first visit to Rum as part of the March Work Party. It is published here with his permission.

In March 2008 Alan Bowles joined the KCFA March Work Party and wrote it up for the Newsletter. It is published here with his permission.