Buying on line to help Kinloch

You probably have some reservations about buying on line. What is it doing to our High Streets and Department Stores?

Sometimes there seems to be no sensible alternative – in my case Trainline tickets to Glasgow for a most important meeting with SNH about the Asset Transfer, a hotel booking because the meeting starts at 9.30am in Chairman Ewan’s office, and a holiday booking for 2019.

At first I thought that something had gone wrong because nothing showed up on my screen. But this morning I have an email telling me I have contributed £9.38 to the KCFA easyfundraising account. In addition, when I logged on to Amazon this morning in quest of a DVD not otherwise available, a little box popped up asking me if I would like to nominate my favourite charity.

So, it really does work.

Help us if you can. We probably need another £10,000 before next Easter to finalise the Asset Transfer. The Planning Applications for the first stage have gone in and we have paid a large amount for the plans to the wonderful company in charge of our restoration dream. Set this up by going to the website and nominating KCFA as your charity before you start buying your Christmas presents.

Jackie, the Treasurer

Asset transfer here we come!

KCFA have taken the decision on the 16th March 2018 to apply formally for asset transfer of the castle, contents and policies from Scottish Natural Heritage. This is pretty momentous and heralds a lot of hard work to get this in place. A work party has been on Rum from the 22nd to the 26th March and have had a meeting whilst there. Another meeting is set for the 6th April of the working group and on the 20th April with SNH. The team are working hard and need support of members.