A working group of the KCFA have been actively looking into creating a Community Interest Company or similar as appropriate for asset transfer of the running of the castle from SNH. Our proposals are to initially recreate the hostel accommodation with self catering facilities and as soon as possible add in the bistro and bar. We will then move forwards with upgrading some of the other letting rooms, then restoration and conservation in the museum rooms. Alongside this our plans include the restoration of the Orchestrion. 

Due diligence is showing that the castle could have a sustainable future using this model. We need less than £2 millions to do the work that is needed to make the building watertight, to rewire, to replace lead piping, to repair the water ingress into the basement, and to get the hostel and kitchen up and running again. Our research shows that we can rescue the castle for £7.8 millions and therefore at a much lesser cost than has been shown in previous reports all of which were aiming at restoring the castle in full before it came back into use and aiming at a much higher standard of accommodation. 

Our aim is to restore the castle and by doing this, increase job opportunities on Rum, to encourage more people to move to Rum to live and through this to help make the local community more viable.