Official Documents

The purpose and objectives of the Association were formalised as follows :-

“The purpose of the Association is for the benefit of the public, to advance education and restore, preserve and improve Kinloch Castle (situated at Kinloch on the Isle of Rum) including its furnishings and fitments”.

In furtherance with the above, but not otherwise, the Association shall :-

  • Work in partnership with Scottish Natural Heritage, as custodians of the Isle of Rum, individuals and organisations.
  • Obtain funding to carry out the restoration and preservation work.
  • Maintain the collection of objets d’art from around the world, furnishings of the time, plus original fitments.

Business Plan

Read our Summary, or our full August 2018 Business Plan

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Read our June 2018 Interim Business Plan and Appendices.

Official Documents

The Constitution of the Kinloch Castle Friends Association details our purpose.

The Annual General Meetings are held each year, usually in Glasgow. Due notice will be given of this and any member wishing to table a motion can do so with the secretary in advance of the meeting if they are unable to attend in person.

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