Orchestrion Appeal

The Orchestrion in Kinloch Castle has survived with very little maintenance for many years. Time and a serious woodworm infestation have now taken their toll. It is now not fit to be played so future visitors to the Castle will be unable to hear the magnificent sound echoing round the Great Hall until it is repaired.

The total cost of repair is £35,880.

Please help us raise this large sum of money. Rum needs its visitors for the Community to be able to flourish. The Orchestrion is a major part of the Rum experience.  Contact our Treasurer for details of how you can help.

If you wish to hear the sound of this wonderful instrument, a CD of 'The Unique sounds of the Orchestrion from Kinloch Castle' is for sale from Kinloch Castle staff priced at £15.00. It includes a description of the Orchestrion, the Honeysuckle and the Bee, the Overture from The Bohemian Girl, Variations on Home Sweet Home, Washington Post and Liberty Bell and a selection from Madame Butterfly among other tracks. The total running time is 71 minutes 40 seconds.